Game Concept:

Explore a vast sci-fi universe. Interact with the environment and solve mysteries like the adventure games of old, and engage enemies with both melee and ranged weapons.



One man project, save for character animation and audio.



Low-polygon 3d graphics modelled in Modo 601, imported to Unity game engine.



Touch-based third person game. Controls and camera adapt for exploration, ranged combat, and melee. Adventure game style interaction system.



 My final project at SCAD, it is more of an exercise in creating a unique and full featured interaction system than an actual full game. 

The objectives of this project are:
1) To become proficient in creating good looking visuals while dealing with a Tablet's constraints and
2) To create a full featured third person control scheme that allows adventure-game style interaction and varied combat systems, including the ability to switch from melee to ranged combat. This is achieved by changing the controls and camera type. 


Current Status:


This project is in intense development and is being updated on a daily basis.