Game Concept:

A phone/tablet AR game meant to be played on larger "targets"; the player must contend with a large and complicated AR environment which hides his target, forcing him to physically move around it to find and shoot them all before time runs out.



Lead game designer, lead artist, basic AR scripting and implementation. Process: Low-polygon 3d graphics modelled in Modo 401, imported to Unity game engine using Qualcomm's QCAR (now Vuforia) AR extensions; exported to Android devices.



AR shooting gameplay in a futuristic sci-fi city.



Created to test the possibilities of using a large-scale AR target (several feet in length and width), Citadel Omega was designed to test the use of a large, complicated model to force the player to physically move around the game space in order to find objects that are hidden from his/her current viewpoint.



As a test demo for a specific gameplay concept, Citadel Omega succeeded brilliantly. When playtested by the general public, Citadel Omega received high praise and was successful in forcing people to move around the playspace; it was common to see people crouching and twisting in order to find the enemy, creating an experience unique to AR gameplay.